Время от времени Мария радует поклонников фотографиями в бикини. Петерссон демонстрирует идеальную фигуру, которой добилась благодаря йоге и правильному питанию. На вопрос о сложной работе в “мире мужчин” летчица отвечает, что получить работу своей мечты ей было непросто: “Я долго шла к этому, но сейчас доказываю, что не только мужчины могут справиться с подобной работой”.

Woop Woop Italy is through! Next one vs Germany, I'll be operating from Stansted that day, anyone watching the game? I know, I'm not Italian but since Sweden is out I kinda feel like Italy is my second home (Spain I'm sorry, you have a special place in my heart after years living in Malaga 🇪🇸) 😉 (only interesting for my European followers I guess 😉)

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In Sweden we celebrate Midsummer today. A tradition when we wear flowers in our hair 🌻🌼🌺 eat, dance and laugh with family and friends all day and night. Unfortunately I'm far from any other Swede so I had to celebrate on my own ☺️ Standby day and went to my favorite place by the sea. Did some ups and downs and then went home to eat traditionally - Strawberries and cream, a midsummer must 👌 Any other traditions celebrated today and what did all my Swedish followers do?

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Fly as Air, Flow with Water. Happy mind = Happy life 🙌 Island Life before work ☀️☀

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It's been a long day for me today going back to sunny island 🌴Flight from my home town in Sweden via the UK to Sicily. Met some great people and colleagues 🙌 It's nice to be nice, share a smile with someone today for no absolut reason 😁😁

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Be happy not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything 😀😀

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Selfie with my metal bird. Wish you all a great start of the week ☀

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