На то, чтобы ездить по миру, девушке потребовалось $28 000. «Родители были удивлены, когда я им рассказала, что собираюсь путешествовать одна с собакой. Я не думаю, что буду заниматься этим всю жизнь. Однажды я вернусь и заведу семью, но сейчас мы с Эллой самые счастливые», — говорит девушка.

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Ella is forever unamused 😂 I’m currently sitting in an airport with a traditional pre- flight margarita. Today is the first of 5 full days without my girls or the van! It might seem silly but these two are literally next to me all day, every day. I’ve left Ella for two nights once but have never been away from Pearl since the moment I scooped her up. I’m flying home for the holidays and coming back this weekend. Of course they’re staying with the only human I trust, @theasherhouse who is obviously more than capable. But damn, am I anxious without them. Also welcome to the first non van photo I’ve basically ever posted. Not sure why but let’s change things up a bit finally. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I know I did this not too long ago but I have 4 hours until my next flight and a couple more drinks to go.. ask me things so I can answer! Dogs, vans, me, life, anything you want ❤️ HAPPY HOLIDAYS FAMILY!
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Them: “Dogs are not just cute accessories.” Me: - Heading back out west for more adventures. Where should we go?!
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I never thought of myself as a mom. The word “maternal” was simply a foreign feeling that only described other women in my life. I never dreamed of kids running around or the perfect home for a family. I have an older sister who dreamed of those things so I just dreamed of them for her. I envisioned her with this big, beautiful wedding and me just living life on my own. Both made me happy because I like being alone and she likes being surrounded by those she loves... But then this girl came into my picture, and everything changed. I feel maternal with her. I feel protective and I feel the intense love mothers have always described. She’s a part of me. She’s at the core of every decision, every thought. I never thought of myself as a mom but damn does it feel good to be one. Who knew we could have it all. - This week’s podcast on @mysoloroad is out and all about our babies. Traveling with Ella, logistics of being on the road with her, and the impact it’s had. We also have our first guest, @theasherhouse to give his perspective on traveling with 9 dogs in an RV! ❤️
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На данный момент они объездили более 20 штатов. О своей жизни на колесах Сидни рассказывает в профиле Instagram.